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Da Rules of Yami No Torio Empty Da Rules of Yami No Torio

Post by VoidDrummer on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:46 pm

1 ) Activity is HIGHLY valued in this academy; you are REQUIRED to stay ACTIVE by all means - this includes participating in Tournaments, or any other events.
If, after excessive inactivity, as a consequence of that, your rank is lowered to Slifer Red, DO NOT COMPLAIN about being downgraded.

2 ) DO NOT Spam. The following is considered as Spam:
2.1 - Posting continual messages in the chatbox.
2.2 - Posting messages which contain totally irrelevant content and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the topic and its content.
2.3 - Double Posting without any need to do so; bumping YOUR OWN topics after 24 hours since the last post have passed is NOT affected by this rule.
2.4 - Necro Posting (Necro Posting is reviving a topic in which no messages have been posted in for the past 20 days since the last post has been entered unless it is yours and you're bumping it with something useful)
2.5 - Joining the academy and subsequently not being active.
2.6 - Posting illegal or sexually explicit content with or without malicious intent including usage of CSS or HTML to modify other people's topic's or the Academy's structure.
2.7 - Using other language than English in your posts.

3 ) Show RESPECT to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, send it in a PM to an Admin.

4 ) DO NOT COMPLAIN about your testing results once they have been posted. If you are in Slifer Red or Ra Yellow, you can apply for a retest which will be arranged.

5 ) BACK-SEAT MODERATING / MINI-MODDING etc. is prohibited by all means. If you are caught acting as if you were a part of staff while you are not, you will be punished accordingly. If you want to report malcontent, do so in a PM to a Moderator or Administrator.

6 ) BA is NOT responsible for any offenses committed outside of the forum (the Chatbox also counts as part of the forum and moderation may issue warnings for offenses commited in the Chatbox). If it is done in the forum, we will take care of it as soon as possible.

7 ) NO ADVERTISING! Advertising is strictly limited to the sub-forums reserved for it. If you are caught advertising through our PM System, you will be banned.

8 ) Signature Rules :
- Signature's Maximum size is 500x400.

9 ) Creating more than 1 (one) account for any purpose, including the usage of Proxy Servers, is prohibited. Do not risk being IP Banned by doing so.

10 ) Copyright Law. You may NOT use ANY content of ANY sort without permission of the respective Copyright Owner. This includes, but is not limited to:
- Posting deck lists of others and claiming they are your own.
- Copying Articles from other websites and publishing them
- Creating accounts that imitate Admins' Usernames

11 ) Chatbox Rules. The following is not allowed:
11.1 - Usage of inappropriate language bypassing the censors (this includes using all variants of using numbers or Special Characters which replace letters in every way - such as b1tch or n1gg3r)
11.2 - Posting illegal or sexually explicit content with or without malicious intent
11.3 - Using other language than English in your posts.
11.4 - Arguing with other members no matter who is guilty.
11.5 - Harassing other members.
11.6 - Advertising.
11.7 - Disrespecting Chat Moderators.
11.8 - Hugging is not allowed as per firm policy.
11.9 - Posting excessively large images without using spoiler tags and explicitely warning other users about the over-size of the image(s).
- Doing any of the above will get you banned from the Chatbox for undefined time; moderation may issue warnings at their content. 

Breaking ANY of the above rules will result in a Warning:

1st Warning: We only issue one free warning. Nothing will happen at this point, but be warned.
2nd Warning: Banned for 1 day.
3rd Warning: You will be both banned for 2 days and will have your Rank lowered to Slifer Red.
4th Warning: You will be banned for 7 days; ability to participate in the next Tournament(s) taken away.
5th Warning: IP BAN

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